About the Tibetan Language Institute

The TIBETAN LANGUAGE INSTITUTE was founded on the belief that Tibetan language study is essential for the preservation of Tibetan culture. By providing a living bridge that can connect you with the ancient wisdon traditions of Tibet as well as the contemporary Tibetans, learning the Tibetan language offers a deeply rewarding way to enhance your support for the Tibetan cause.

To this end the TIBETAN LANGUAGE INSTITUTE presents classes, seminars, workshops, and public lectures on Tibetan language, culture, literature, and philosophy. This includes ongoing programs of study and research into the translation of Classical Tibetan texts; conversational Tibetan; traditional calligraphic techniques; and selected topics by guest lecturers.t.

All public programs are organized in conjunction with a distinguished advisory board of scholars and Tibetan Lamas by institute director and teacher David Curtis who studied at Kagyu Ling Monastic College in France (founded by H. E. Kalu Rinpoche), where he completed the traditional three-year retreat. By expanding opportunities to study with Tibetans fluent in their native tongue, we strive to foster the development of qualified translators and scholars while promoting greater contact within the community for mutual benefit through the valuable experience of cultural exchange.


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