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Learning Tibetan from David is definitely one of life's better experiences.

-- K.J., VA


David, you are doing a great work!

--David and Nancy R.




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Learning Materials


Mantras on Wall in Tibet     Photo K. Rosenstein


Level I Manual

Why thank you!  [The book] will be a help, I do look forward to receiving it.  Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.  Tibetan is such a beautiful...and important language.--Daniel G.




Level I Manual

I recently acquired your level one program from your website. It's really a wonderful package! Thank you so much! I am a new Tibetan Medical Student, at the Shang Shung Institute of America. I have started late and really do not want to be behind in my program. Stephen A.-M.



DVD of Level I Course

A quick aside. . . Are you currently working on a DVD for Level 2? Because I love my Level 1 DVD. I can work at my own pace everyday, and revisit lectures when I want a quick refresher on a subject or pronunciation. It honestly is the next best thing to attending a class.--Rob H.




Level II Package

Just to say thank you to you and your team. My parcel [Level II Package) arrived safely this afternoon. Can't wait to get started!--Phillip B., South Africa




Level I Package and DVD of Level I Course

Thank you very much – my parcel [Level I Package and DVD of the Level I Course] arrived today!  My journey into learning Tibetan begins……although I have already recently learnt the alphabet from a combination of one of the articles that David Curtis wrote for Mandala magazine and a page in a Tibetan Grammar book that illustrated how to write the consonants. So, please thank David for his articles in Mandala as they were perfect timing for me and also they lead me to your website and your wonderful bookshop and free study aids.


Thanks for all that you do for making it possible for people to learn Tibetan and therefore enriching their Dharma practice and study.--Drolkar, Australia




Level I Package and DVD of the Level I Course

Just a note to say I have recently purchased your level 1 pack + DVD, and I think the materials are absolutely excellent. Although there is a lot to take in,  the DVD puts it all in context and gives me an idea of what I need to learn and in what order so that I can eventually make a start on spelling words and working out how they are pronounced.--Nick B.



Level 1 Package

Level II Package

Learning Tibetan at TLI 

Other TLI Publications





Rochester, NY                                        Bozeman, MT                     Rigzin Ling Shedra, CA



Berkeley, CA Seminar 2007

After taking the class with David in Berkeley recently and finishing up the material in the Level 1 by watching the DVD and working with the other materials from you guys, I am highly motivated to keep the ball rolling and continue with the Level 2 material.   


I really want to commend you on the quality of the materials and the system of study you guys have put together.  The self-study materials from TLI have exceeded my expectations.  It's really quite satisfying to look at the Tibetan in my practice texts and be able to read the script, pronounce the words, be able to recognize some of the words, and use the dictionary to look up others--Frank F.



Rochester, NY  Seminar

I would never have believed that I could learn to read Tibetan in so short a time! Nor would I have believed that the process would be so enjoyable! Having made previous unsuccessful attempts to learn Tibetan, I had formed the view that it would be difficult to learn and tedious. Imagine my delight with your course. It was your respect for this sacred tongue and also your ability in teaching Westerners that made it successful. Your skill in knowing just where Americans are likely to stumble made the course flow. Your humor in presentation relaxed everyone and consequently, we learned even more.

I would be hapy to recommend your course to anyone. It gets my highest                           recommendation! --Frank H.


Summer Seminar 2005

The Tibetan Language summer course in 2005 sounds very interesting. You and David are doing a wonderful thing.--Paul Y.



Seminars in LA

I'm really looking forward to these weekends [Level I and Level II Seminars in LA]. David is a great teacher, of language, its roots and the dharma it reveals. --Dianna L.



Recommendation of David's Seminars and Learning Materials

Last week I was at a retreat with David Curtis, Director of the Tibetan Language Institute.  As I said earlier, David is a very, good friend, a long-time practitioner and as a teacher, without peers.  He as been teaching for many years and has done a three-year retreat--his root guru is Kalu Rinpoche.  As a teacher he is engaging, humorous and fun to work with.  He gives regular seminars and does phone teaching as well.


I mentioned to David your particular interest: learning the Tibetan language while learning dharma.  And his response was: that is precisely his approach at the TLA.  His website also contains some really good teaching aides ranging from flash cards to start-up sadhanas.  So his website is a good place to start.--David D.



Seminar in Hartford, CT

We were blessed to have David come teach us here in Hartford, it was a wonderful experience.

--Jenny B.



Seminar in Glendale, CA

My gratitude is deep, not only for the Light that has already come from this Tibetan language class, but also for that which will continue to illuminate my path.--Kaja



Seminar in Boston, MA

Please let me know WHEN, WHERE David is teaching in Boston!  How wonderful.  I will be up visiting from Chagdud Gonpa Khadro Ling in Southern Brazil...perhaps I can go!


Even way down near the South Pole, people say that peals of laughter can be heard in his classes.  He has quite a reputation here.  Thank you for all your dedication!--Liz, Brazil



Seminar in Boston, MA

When I first found out about the course after ordering the materials, I honestly intended to just come for the first weekend to get a brief grounding in the language. But now I find that I'm rather hooked by David's excellent teaching, the quality of the other students, and the friendly ambience of the house. Had I known this at the time, I probably would have tried to do both weekends.


So I'm going to ask to come back for more.--Max M.



Seminar in Boston, MA


Thank you for a wonderful experience.  I really enjoyed your classes, and I also learned a lot.


I was trained as an undergraduate in pedagogical techniques, and I have taught Spanish, French and English at the elementary, high school and undergraduate levels.  Those of us who have been on the other side of the desk are often harsh critics, and I am no exception.  What I saw was a wonderful language teacher.  I admire your enthusiasm, your techniques, your knowledge and your ability to keep the students’ interest in your classes.  Your stories are funny, warm and instructive and your nature is engaging and pleasant.  All in all, you made successive days of nine-to-nine classes enjoyable -- what a feat!


I am grateful to have been a participant in your classes, I aspire to learn more, and may all beings benefit from your dharma teachings. --Margie M.



TLI Calendar



General Comments

Wheel of Dharma, Tibet    Photo K. Rosenstein


Response to Inquiry

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You are the only person who has answered my inquiries. I am MOST appreciative of your taking time to send me this information and satisfy my curiosity.--Agnes C.



Books Recommended by David

 [David's] recommendation [of books] is the gold standard! Carol M., CA



Write to us  to let us know about your experience learning Tibetan with TLI materials.




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