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March 10, 1999

David Curtis
Tibetan Language Institute
P.O. Box 64-675
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Dear David,

Thank you for the ten day introductory Tibetan language course you recently taught in Rochester. The course was a wonderful experience for our entire Dharma Center. Studying Tibetan as a group brought us closer together and strengthened our shared bonds. And, we had great fun! One person told me, "This is the coolest thing we have ever done as a group." The response from the participants was universally positive and enthusiastic. It was a delightful event from start to finish.

Personally, I would never have believed that I could learn to read Tibetan in so short a time! Nor would I have believed that the process would be so enjoyable! Having made previous unsuccessful attempts to learn Tibetan, I had formed the view that it would be difficult to learn and tedious. Imagine my delight with your course. It was your respect for this sacred tongue and also your ability in teaching Westerners that made it successful. Your skill in knowing just where Americans are likely to stumble made the course flow. Your humor in presentation relaxed everyone and consequently, we learned even more.

I would be hapy to recommend your course to anyone. It gets my highest recommendation!

Thank you.



Frank Howard



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