Reading and Translating Common
Texts & Prayers in Tibetan


With David Curtis

David Curtis


THURSDAYS  January 30 – March 26, 2020

A 9-week Course by Teleconference Call


Insight into the spiritual language and culture heritage of Tibet


This course is open to anyone who has taken our Level II Course or The Fundamentals of Tibetan Grammar Course, Part I.

We aim to demystify Tibetan for Dharma students in order for them to enrich their practice.


Learning is the treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. −Chinese Proverb



About the Course:

Students will continue their study of Tibetan using TLI’s Tibetan Language Reader, Part I Workbook (2nd ed.) as our main text. Our secondary text will be, The Divine Tree Grammar Poem and Commentary. Together we will study these short prayers and texts in an integrated manner to learn more about Tibetan grammar and vocabulary, as well as about Tibetan Buddhism.
The class will study various short prayers and texts in the TL Reader, Part I, selected to provide reading and translating practice. The workbook contains a series of short liturgical texts common to many Buddhist lineages found in Tibet.  Each text is self-contained and the selections are representative of Classical Tibetan literary style. 

This course is suited to beginning and more advanced readers. David will spell and discuss each word. And of course, if you have to miss class that is not a problem, as telephone recordings are available for each class for one month after the class.



Course Details


Thursdays January 30 – March 26, 2020

5-6:30 Pacific Time 
6-7:30 pm Mountain Time
7-8:30 pm Central Time
8-9:30 pm Eastern Time


$165-$180 for course (this does not include study materials). See below.

Study Materials:

1. Tibetan Language Reader, Part I (2nd ed) $30 (plus sh/h)  
    Included in the LV 2 Package.
Divine Tree Grammar Poem SuiteRequired. $40 (plus sh/h).

To register and/or order study materials, email TLI

Students outside the US: email TLI for a postal quote.

Type of Telephone: 

Regular phone line works best for teleconference calls. Cell phones also work, but Skypeor any kind of internet phone service cannot be used because it creates too much static on the line. No Skype or Internet phone calls please.


Telephone Recording:          

Students will be sent link to a telephone recording of each class. If you cannot attend the "live" class, you can still register and attend via telephone recording. This has worked well for many students.


David Curtis was given the title of Lama upon completion of the Three-Year Retreat, and then in 2007 he was awarded the title of Acharya (Master Teacher). He has dedicated himself since retreat to teaching the Tibetan language and Buddhism, grounded in his love of the Dharma and his desire to share that with others.   



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