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Introduction to the Tibetan Language - Level I Workbook

Teaches reading and writing Tibetan uchen script, basic vocabulary, and Tibetan dictionary usage in ten lessons with a complete set of homework exercises.


Tibetan Flash Cards- Level I and II

These convenient cards have the vocabulary words from Levels I and II.


Introduction to the Tibetan Language - Level I CD (Two CD Set)

This CD features David Curtis spelling and reading all of the Tibetan words found in the Level I manual. The CD format makes study and review easy. It is designed to be used with the Level I. manual to help beginners learn correct pronunciation of the words and letters, and to make learning the vocabulary easier.


Introduction to the Tibetan Language - Level I Tape

This tape features David Curtis spelling and reading all of the Tibetan words that are found in the Level I manual. This tape is designed to be used with the Level I  manual to help beginning students learn the correct pronunciation of the letters and words.


Introduction to the Tibetan Language - Level II

Teaches the fundamentals of Tibetan grammar including word formation, basic sentence structure, and 150 vocabulary words in ten lessons with a complete set of homework exercises.


Introduction to the Tibetan Language - Level II CD (Two CD Set)

Author David Curtis slowly spells and reads all of the Tibetan words found in the Level II book.


Introduction to the Tibetan Language - Level II Tape

Author David Curtis slowly spells and reads all of the Tibetan words found in the Level II book.


Tibetan Language Reader

A collection of various short verses designed to provide reading and translation practice for those who can read Tibetan uchen script and use the Tibetan dictionary.


The Divine Tree Translation Workbook

This ninety-nine line Tibetan mnemonic grammar poem is traditionally used to teach the basic rules of Tibetan grammar. Includes Tibetan text, English translation, translation worksheets, notes and glossary.


The Divine Tree Translation CD

This CD version of the Divine Tree features the entire text read slowly section by section by David Curtis. Each line is repeated several times to make study and memorization easy.



Jewel Ornament of Liberation Introduction Translation Workbook

Introductory pages in Tibetan of this classical philosophical text summarizing the "six general" topics of unsurpassable enlightenment". Includes three interlinear translations and line-by-line glossary.


Jewel Ornament of Liberation Chapter 1, "The Cause"

The entire Tibetan text from the chapter explaining Buddha Nature. The first twelve pages have three interlinear translations.


Summary of the Jewel Ornament of Liberation

Select lines in Tibetan from each chapter of the book laid out as a translation workbook. Gives a concise overview of this important text which is often referred to as a "lama manual"s.


Jewel Ornament of Liberation: Entire Text in Tibetan Paperback Book Format

The entire text in traditional pecha format.


Jewel Ornament of Liberation: English Translation

Translated into English by renowned scholar Khenpo Konchog Gyaltsen. Includes very helpful appendices including an outline of the entirety of the text which elucidates the path to Enlightenment. An excellent companion to the Translation Workbooks listed above.


Heart Sutra Translation Workbook

Tibetan text of the sutra H. H. The Dalai Lama calls "the essence of the essence of Buddhism," designed to facilitate your translation work. A very short text - the English translation is only one page long


Thunmi Gong Ter, Verb Dictionary

This book makes dealing with the Tibetan verb much easier as it has an index in which nearly every Tibetan verb form is found. This guides you to the main section of the book which lists all four forms of each verb with a definition in English and Tibetan. An indispensable book for reading classical Buddhist texts. Highly recommended.


Tibetan Sadhana Vocabulary

A common sense approach to teaching the words the Buddhist practitioner most needs to know. Based on a count of which words are used most frequently, the book shows the words in context, provides a concise definition, and includes very useful Tibetan to English and English to Tibetan indixes, as well as a series of helpful appendixes.


37 Practices Translation Workbook

Contains the entire Tibetan text, with English translation on facing pages. Formatted for ease of translation and note taking, with only four lines of Tibetan per page. An excellent resource for developing translation skills.


37 Practices Glossary

A companion to the Translation Workbook, this is a line-by-line glossary of 338 words. An excellent aid to reading this text in Tibetan.


The New Tibetan-English Dictionary Of Modern Tibetan, M. Goldstein, Editor

A large format book of 1195 pages and 80.000 words, this is the ultimate source book for Modern Tibetan. University of California Press. Highly Recommened!


Tibetan English Dictionary by H. Jaschke

In his highly regarded work The Classical Tibetan Language, author Stephan Beyer states: "I do not think that any other scholar of Tibetan has ever equaled the linguistic insight exhibited in this dictionary."


Large Tibetan-English Dictionary by Sarat Chandra Das

A new, physically bigger edition of the same Das dictionary listed below. 1353 pages. 6.5 x 10"


Tibetan English Dictionary, Compact Edition by Sarat Chandra Das

The standard for many years, this is a good first dictionary. The print is clear, but small..For the highest quality printing and optimal readability, we recommend the Tibetan-English Dictionary by Jaschke.


Learning Practical Tibetan

Excellent for beginners in colloquial Tibetan, this accessible presentation offers chapters on greetings, useful words and phrases, sample dialogues on a variety of subjects, plus appendices and glossary.


Tibetan Phrasebook Practice Tapes

This set of two cassettes is a companion to Learning Practical Tibetan (above). The clearest, most helpful tapes for learning Tibetan available. Highly recommended.


Fluent Tibetan Course

This best-selling course provides a thorough treatment of beginning and intermediate colloquial Tibetan. Includes four-volume textbook with course work and drills, plus twenty-six hours of material on cassette.


Learn Tibetan, CD-ROM.

Learn the basics of modern spoken Tibetan in an enjoyable way. Topics include first words, phrases, food, shopping, numbers, and time. Interactive. Compare your pronunciation with Native speakers with the record facility. Easy and hard quizzes, memory game; on screen help; print your own dictionary for quick reference windows and Mac compatible


Shambhala Dictionary of Buddhism and Zen

Over fifteen hundred entries. An excellent reference work designed as a tool to help familiarize readers with Buddhist terms and concepts encountered in the study of Buddhism. The lives and teachings of important philosophers and meditation masters, practices, texts and scriptures, and the range of sects and school. Pronunciation tables and a comprehensive bibliography


Tibetan Literature, Studies in Genre

Essays on a wide variety of topics having to do with the entire history of Tibetan literature written by foremost scholars. Topics include History and Biography, Canonical texts, philosophical literature, ritual and more. 549 pages. Hardback


Translating Buddhism from Tibetan

An introduction to the Tibetan Literary Language and the Translation of Buddhist texts from Tibetan"", by Joe B. Wilson. A brilliant book. Agent reference manual . Written for beginners, but with material of interest to advanced students as well. Highly recommended for the student serious about reading Tibetan Buddhist texts. 772 pages. Hardback.


Translating Buddhism From Tibetan Tape

Read by Venerable Tsering Namgyal of Namgyal Monastery Institute of Buddhist Studies. Accompanies the book by Joe B. Wilson


English Tibetan Dictionary Of Modern Tibetan

A new edition, very much improved, of M. Goldstein's long out-of-print dictionary. Essential for written or spoken Modern Tibetan.16,000 main entries, 29,000 sub entries.


The Rain of Wisdom

A very inspirational book of the realization of great Tibetan masters. Listed here because it contains a 35 page glossary of Buddhist terminology which includes the Tibetan for many of the most important terms encountered in reading Vajrayana texts.


Selected Oral Instruction Text: Translation Workbook

Selected oral instruction texts in Tibetan written down through centuries by a series of great masters, including Longchenpa, Dodrupchen III, Patrul Rinpoche, Jigme Lingpa, and Dakpo Tashi Namgyal. Tibetan text only.


Rangjung Yeshe Tibetan-English Dictionary of Buddhist Culture Version 2.0 (Digital)
By Erik Hein Schmidt

This Dharma dictionary is a database of approximately 66,000 entries. It is a compilation from existing dictionaries, word lists, and glossaries selected on a practical usage basis. It has an extensive glossary, a list of usage of Buddhist terms in present day works of translation, a massive amount of dictionary entries, a lexicography of places, people and literary works, and an encyclopedic covering of topics of importance to the Buddhist world. Also contains the superior word list from scholar Jim Valby. For Windows only.


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