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DVD of the Level II Course: Summary Version
DVD of the Level II Course: Official "Bootleg" Version

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Level I Package and Level II Package Bundle.
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This package is designed to follow the Level I manual which teaches how to read the Tibetan Script and use the Tibetan-English dictionary. The Level II package presents the fundamentals of Tibetan grammar and syntax--the necessary next step on the journey to reading Tibetan. Having the proper learning materials at this stage makes a huge difference in your learning experience. Completion of the Level II manual lays an excellent foundation for the reading of sadhanas, prayers, and other Tibetan texts. (see our Reader Packages)

NOTE: Any of the items listed in the package can be purchased separately.


Introduction to the Tibetan Language - Level II Workbook

This is the continuation of the Level I manual. It presents the fundamentals of Tibetan grammar and syntax in a very accessible way-- first showing how words are formed, then phrases, then sentences. It teaches transliteration, introduces new vocabulary, emphasizing Buddhist terminology, and lays the foundation for reading Buddhist texts. It also contains a series of practice exercises. Table of Contents


DVD of the Level II Course: Summary Version

On this two and a half hour DVD, David Curtis teaches Introduction to Tibetan Language, Level II. Being able to see the words and sentences written out on a white board as the grammar is explained makes this new material much more accessible.  This unique presentation is an invaluable aid for students serious about enhancing their study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism by learning to read Tibetan.

Introduction to the Tibetan Language - Level II CD (Two CD Set)

Author David Curtis slowly spells and reads all of the Tibetan words found in the Level II book, allowing the student to practice hearing and saying the structures and words. Excellent for review while driving or while following along in the Level II workbook.


Tibetan Language Reader: Part 1 (2nd Edition)

A wonderful collection of various short prayers and verses designed to provide reading practice for beginning students who are working with the Level II book and who have learned to read the Tibetan u-chen script and use the dictionary. The workbook contains a series of short, easy-to-understand liturgical texts common to many Buddhist lineages found in Tibet.  Each brief text is self-contained and the selections are representative of Classical Tibetan literary style.   

In addition, a set of Translation Worksheets is included for students’ use with each selection.  These are designed to facilitate making notations when parsing texts for vocabulary and syntax as part of the development of rudimentary translation skills. Also found are a student translation of the texts plus a line-by line glossary. See Table of Contents, sample workbook page, and glossary sample.

Enhance your understanding of the Dharma by reading in Tibetan many of the prayers you may already be familiar with. Many of our students have found this a transformative experience.


Divine Tree Translation Suite

A suite of materials designed to assist students in learning the rules of Tibetan grammar.

Translation Workbook: The Divine Tree is a ninety-nine line Tibetan mnemonic grammar poem which teaches the basic rules of Tibetan grammar in Tibetan. This book comes with English translation, notes, and glossary. Essential.

The Divine Tree Commentary (by Acharya Tenpa Negi): This book is a summary of Tibetan grammar notes made during a superb course on the Divine Tree, taught by the great modern grammarian and scholar Acharya Tenpa Negi at Samye Ling in Scotland in May 1984. A true help in understanding the grammatical mysteries of the Tibetan particle system. See the Divine Tree Commentary Table of Contents and its sample pages.

Divine Tree CD: This features the entire text read slowly section by section by David Curtis. Each line is repeated several times to make study and memorization easy.





Suggested additional Tibetan language materials and reading: 

Tibetan English Dictionary by H. Jaschke


Tibetan Flash Cards- Level I and II


Tibetan Sadhana Vocabulary

A common sense approach to teaching the words the Buddhist practitioner most needs to know. Based on a count of which words are used most frequently, the book shows the words in context, provides a concise definition, and includes very useful Tibetan to English and English to Tibetan indexes, as well as a series of helpful appendixes.


Official "Bootleg" Version of the Level II Course (5 DVD set)

A 5-disc DVD set of David Curtis teaching the entire Level II Course at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. This course is based on the manual Introduction to Tibetan Language, Level II. It is a live, unedited, homemade film made with a hand-held camera.

 The program presented here is extremely extensive. It includes a very detailed review of the Level I manual and course and then goes on to a thorough presentation of the Level II Course. The formation of words, phrases, and sentences is carefully presented. Dozens of sentences are dissected identifying syllable by syllable the various parts with a complete explanation of their grammar.

NOTE: Any of the items listed in the package can be purchased separately.

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