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Tibetan Language Books and Learning Materials

Recommended for language students

Recommended Package for Beginners

Reader Translator Package I: The 37 Practices of a Bodhisttava

Reader Translator Package II: The Jewel Ornament of Liberation(JOL)

Colloquial Packages

Tibetan Software Company
Padma Karpo Translation Committee Study Aids

Tibetan-English Dictionaries, Texts and Fonts for the PC.
TLI distributes Tony Duff's Tibetan Software - some at significant discount.

Other Important Books

International and Special Orders: For special orders that have been pre-arranged with TLI, including International Orders with special shipping and handling, please use this Paypal Button. You will input the name of your purchase, and the total you are paying. This total should INCLUDE the agreed upon shipping and handling charges.

Pre-Arranged Special Orders

If you would like to order via mail, rather than using Paypal, please follow these Instructions:

  1. Download Orderform Here
  2. Calculate total of materials you would like to order.
  3. California residents add 8.25% sales tax.
  4. Add Shipping & Handling charges using chart below.
  5. Include your shipping information.
  6. Include Check or Money Order only made payable to Tibetan Language Institute.
  7. Send Payment to:
    Tibetan Language Institute
    P.O. Box 2037
    Hamilton, Montana 59840 USA
    Telephone: 406-961-5131
    Fax: 406-961-0031
    email: info@tibetanlanguage.org
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Shipping rates are for US orders at media rate only.  For faster shipments within the US and non-US shipments please e-mail or call us with your order and we will be happy to provide a price quote for shipping.


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