Level I Package: Recommended for Beginners

We specialize in teaching Tibetan to those interested in the various spiritual traditions of Tibet. Having the proper learning materials can make a huge difference in your learning experience. Ours have a reputation for being thorough, fun, and directly applicable. We also sell the only English-language DVDs currently available. Private telephone lessons are also available.

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Tuesdays, February 16, 2021
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Want to learn Tibetan -- classical or colloquial?
Our Beginners' Package is the place to start.
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Introduction to the Tibetan Language - Level I Workbook

Teaches reading and writing Tibetan uchen script, basic vocabulary, and Tibetan dictionary usage in ten lessons with a complete set of homework exercises. Table of Contents


Introduction to the Tibetan Language - Level I CD (Two CD Set)

This CD features David Curtis spelling and reading all of the Tibetan words found in the Level I manual. The CD format makes study and review easy. It is designed to be used with the Level I manual to help beginners learn correct pronunciation of the words and letters, and to make learning the vocabulary easier.


OR Introduction to the Tibetan Language - Level I Tape

Casette tape version of the Level I CD.


DVD of Level One Course

The Level I  Workbook can now be enhanced by a DVD of the Level I Course. David Curtis's highly successful course on learning to read Tibetan, condensed into a three-hour presentation, in a studio-recorded 2 DVD set. This is a wonderful study aid for those who need to review the Level I course or for those who are unable to attend the course.


Tibetan Flash Cards- Level I and II

These Flash Cards are being used by students all over the world to learn basic Tibetan vocabulary. They contain all of the carefully chosen vocabulary words from both the Level I and II manuals (over 250 words). Featuring the Tibetan word on one side of the card with its spelling, pronunciation, and English equivalent on the other side, they are a highly effective way to learn vocabulary. Fun and easy to use!


Tibetan Language Pre-Primer

The information on learning to read Tibetan is presented in an organized, sequential manner with many examples and related exercises. An exellent companion to TLI's Level I material.


Tibetan English Dictionary by H. Jaschke

In his highly regarded work The Classical Tibetan Language, author Stephan Beyer states: "I do not think that any other scholar of Tibetan has ever equaled the linguistic insight exhibited in this dictionary."





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NOTE: Any of the items listed in the package can be purchased separately.

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