TLI specializes in teaching Tibetan to those interested in the various spiritual traditions of Tibet. Having the proper learning materials can make an enormous difference in the student's learning experience. Ours have a reputation of being thorough, fun, and directly applicable. One student remarked that after completing the Level II course that her texts and prayers seemed to take on a luminous quality.  We sell the only English-language DVDs currently available. Telephone lessons can enhance and accelerate the student's learning experience.

With this in mind, we offer the Level I and Level II Packages as a bundle.

Don't miss the Level I Virtual Group Teleconferencing Course
with Lama David Curtis starting Tuesdays, January 12, 2016

The Level I and Level II Packages give students a complete suite of materials -- written, audio, and visual -- for learning the preliminary grammar and vocabulary. And buying the two packages as a bundle saves money: $25 off the combined price of the materials if the packages were purchased separately, plus a $19 savings in the shipping/handling cost.

Here is what is included in the bundle:

Level I Manual
Level I CD/Tape
DVD of the Level I Course
Vocab Flash Cards for Levels I and II
Tib Language Pre-primer
Tibetan-English Dictionary

Level II Manual
Level II CD
DVD of the Level II Course (Summary)
TLI Reader, 2nd edition formatted for translation and study
Divine Tree Grammar Poem Suite (Translation Workbook, Comentary and CD)

Level I Package and Level II Package Bundle. A $44 discount: buy both packages together and pay only $315, plus shipping/handling.

NOTE: Any of the items listed in the package can be purchased separately.

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