What is TLI: General Information

The Tibetan Language Institute was founded on the belief that Tibetan language study is essential for the preservation of Tibetan culture, a vibrant world heritage whose message is peace.  On a smaller but not less important scale, learning even a little Tibetan provides a deeply rewarding means for the individual Dharma practitioner to enrich Dharma practice. TLI strives to create opportunities wherein both goals can be realized.  

TLI offers a bridge to the ancient wisdom traditions of Tibet as well as the contemporary Tibetans.  Our Institute presents classes, seminars, workshops, and public lectures on Tibetan language, culture, literature, and philosophy (this includes on-going programs of study of Tibetan texts, conversational Tibetan, calligraphy, and lectures by guest speakers). The Institute strives to enhance the language learning possibilities of students of all backgrounds, from academicians and to ordinary people from all around the world. 

All programs are organized by executive director David Curtis who studied at Kagyu Ling Monastic College in France (founded by H. E. Kalu Rinpoche), where he completed the traditional Three-Year Retreat. By expanding opportunities to study with Tibetans, we strive to foster the development of qualified translators and scholars while promoting greater contact within the community for mutual benefit through the valuable experience of cultural exchange.

The TLI Office: A Tradition of Service

The Tibetan Language Institute strives to assure that the work undertaken by the Institute has a positive effect on the community of those interested in Tibetan language, culture and Dharma.

The philosophy animating the Institute is oriented by Buddhist principles. TLI  tries to be grounded in “open-hearted” styles of office and work policies based on knowledge gained from study of Tibetan Buddhist traditions themselves. The Institute provides volunteers and staff with learning opportunities to enhance their own knowledge of Tibetan language and culture, so that they, too, can contribute to the mission of the Institute. The result of this office orientation has been a steady stream of ever-more dedicated, talented, and increasingly well-trained individuals whose contributions have been meaningful.

Over the past decade, dozens of volunteers have contributed countless hours of time and services to further TLI’s mission. Their input and hard work has been and continues to be of invaluable help. The part-time office staff has clocked thousands of hours, believing in the project and sustaining TLI with a dedicated and joyful esprit de corps. If you are interested in volunteering opportunities (PDF), please contact us.

Volunteers staffing the bookstore at a TLI Summer Seminar

The Tibetan Language Institute is envisioned as a long-term, quality service for the world community. The director, board, staff and volunteers look forward to continued growth not only of TLI activities, but also of welcoming more and more individuals of like mind into the TLI family.

Instruction and Study Materials

TLI offers several ways to learn Tibetan, great learning materials, and the opportunity to study with David Curtis, a teacher noted for his knowledge and kindness.

In general, because of its outstanding services and programs, most people have come to study at TLI for many reasons:

To contact TLI by email: info@tibetanlanguage.org
To contact TLI by telephone: 406/ 961-5131 or 406/ 961-0031
To contact TLI by mail: Tibetan Language Institute P.O. Box 2037,  Hamilton, MT 59840

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